Hi Honey, I'm Homo!
Gerry Szymanski
Cyanotype Productions

USA, 2002, DVD, 1.33 aspect ratio (4x3 video), color, musical accompaniment,
4 minutes

Think the 1950s were all about the cold war? Think again!
Ward Cleaver and Donna Reed could never imagine it was so gay!

Hi, Honey, I'm Homo! celebrates the sometimes subtle, and other times blatant homoerotic images from the 50s. A wacky survey of clipart, advertisements, and photos, this short film is a collage set to the plink-plunky sounds of some of the happiest music ever written.

And it's not all about the gents, either - you'll see how one woman's dissatisfaction with the opposite sex leads her to discover her "feminine" side.

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Hi, Honey, I'm Homo! premiered at the 10th annual Rochester ImageOUT Gay and Lesbian Film Festival October 10, 2002 at the Little Theatre in Rochester, New York.